• Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences you can have
  • At Footner & Ewing we make it our business to minimise the anxiety
  • We explain in plain English what the transaction involves and what we will do on your behalf
  • We will warn you of any pitfalls that we can foresee
  • We will keep you fully informed of progress

What you can expect to pay

When considering the cost of buying and/or selling a property it is worthwhile bearing in mind the TOTAL cost which may include the following:

Solicitors Fees: look out for hidden charges

Shop around for the best quote but make sure that the cost quoted includes not only the fee for carrying out the legal work for you but also the other charges which must be paid when buying or selling property. We see many quotes with additional costs for so many items such as completing the stamp duty form, additional fee for a mortgage, exchanging and completing in less than two weeks, we do not charge for such items.

Estate Agents’ Fees

Shop around for the best quote but also we recommend you use local firms.

Removal Costs

Make sure the company is reputable and insured to cover damage to your belongings (or hire a van and do the job yourself!).


The conveyancing process can take around 6 to 12 weeks depending on various factors including how long the chain is, if the property is a new build and the property needs to be completed, if a lease and the lease needs extending, if there is a mortgage and a gifted deposit needs to be disclosed.  If you instruct us we will advise you as the matter progresses of any likely changes in timescale.

The Land Registry and your Deeds

When you buy a property, or it is transferred to you after someone dies or in a divorce matter the Deeds are sent to the Land Registry to be transferred into your name.  Unfortunately, at present due to issues such as their staff working from home in the pandemic, lack of experienced staff and the increased property transactions due to the stamp duty holiday, the time taken to transfer the property is taking much longer than usual.  This is particularly the case when the deeds have not been registered before or the property is a new build or a new Lease.

Changes after a straightforward purchase are taking from one to five months but first registrations and new leases are often taking from over a year to at least eighteen months.  An application can be made to expedite the process but only if it is causing hardship or it affects another application.  There would need to be proof such as a pending sale or re-mortgage.

The Land Registry applications are constantly monitored by us and when the application is lodged it is protected so your applications is safe.  Once the application is completed an electronic version is forwarded to us then we will send it on.

There is commentary on this issue here: https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/news-focus/news-focus-hm-land-registry-delays-mount-as-solicitors-fume/5114054.article

And the Land Registry guidance is here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hm-land-registry-processing-times

The members of our Conveyancing Department:

Nathan Metcalfe LL.B

Julie Thomas LL.B

Sarbjit Nagra B.A (Hons) 

Matthew Yarham

Wendy Hewstone LL.B

Andrew Barker

Joan French

Caroline Beare BA (Honours)


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