Collaborative Family Law provides civilized solutions for couples who are separating. Collaborative Practice is undertaken at Southampton, Romsey and Totton by Clare Druett, a Solicitor who has been specialising in this branch of law from its beginnings in the UK.

Collaborative Practice requires a solicitor to have an understanding of the whole family and their needs to include both parties and their children, so that planning for the future can be worked on together.  It is a new way for divorcing or separating couples to work together as a team with trained professionals, to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court.

Each client has the support, protection and guidance of his or her own lawyer.  The lawyers agree that they are there to help the clients through the process.  They are not there to take the case to court, and indeed are prevented from doing so.

Clare is an Accredited Specialist with ‘Resolution’ (formerly Solicitors Family Law Association).

Clare can be contacted on 02380 863493 or by email:
to discuss collaborative practice or other ways of resolving family issues.

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